Baltic Horizon Fund

15 Aug 2018 ... 30 June 2018 during week 35 of this year via Nasdaq Tallinn. The Issuer expects ... Sportland LT. Investment in ... Highly anticipated retailer IKEA will open a store in Q3, 2018, following the fashion outlet village, which in scale.

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Baltic Horizon Fund

15 Aug 2018 ... 30 June 2018 during week 35 of this year via Nasdaq Tallinn. The Issuer expects ... Sportland LT. Investment in ... Highly anticipated retailer IKEA will open a store in Q3, 2018, following the fashion outlet village, which in scale.

Baltic Horizon Fund - Finantsinspektsioon

Units of the Fund have been listed on the Fund List of the Nasdaq Tallinn since 6 July ... to global leaders such as H&M, Debenhams, Subway, and Sports Direct ...

Janus Henderson Horizon Fund

27 Feb 2019 ... Subscriptions are only valid if made on the basis of ... published thereafter and of the relevant Key Investor Information ... 3,860,000 Procter & Gamble 1.875% 30/10/2038 ... 463,279 Avast Software FRN 29/09/2023 Term B ... is transitioning from a licence maintenance model to a subscription offering.

Baltic Property Fund Quarterly Report April — June 2018 - East Capital

30 Jun 2018 ... stores in Magistral SC and Nautica SC. Also, an O'Learys ... Like its competitor Rimi, who has opened five Rimi Express stores in Riga, Maxima ...

maritime spatial planning and the baltic offshore grid - Baltic InteGrid

The Regional Council of Varsinais-Suomi coordinates the cooperation.10 ... 42. i r 6 R lt o t rid appin x rci So rc IG Joanna ard and Ł ka z Sz dłow ki) ...

Baltic Agro VÄLJANÄITUS Eesmärk Baltic Agrol on ... -

Baltic Agro VÄLJANÄITUS. Eesmärk. Baltic Agrol on soov koos oma toodete , teenuste ja partneritega jõuda põlluharijatele ligemale. Et nendega suhelda ...

Security of the Baltic Sea Region Revisited amid the Baltic Centenary

11 Jul 2018 ... Leuprecht, Edward Lucas, Matthew Melino, Dzianis Melyantsou, András Rácz,. Edgards ... noszka, “Do Allies Really Free Ride?” Survival, Vol.

North Sea Baltic connector of regions Summary - Interreg Baltic Sea ...

North Sea Baltic connector of regions. → The project aims to improve the sustainable accessibility of the Eastern. Baltic Sea Region (EBSR) to freight and ...

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We are very proud that UBC has chosen Turku as the venue of the Conference, states Mr Armas. Lahoniitty, the Mayor of Turku and 1st. Vice President of UBC.

Baltic Sea Region history: awareness among ... - Bridging the Baltic

In addition, Ahonen ( 2001) illustrates how a narrative can exclude minorities and cause them to find their own interpretation of past events. Different countries ...

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moodi kui minu linnas. Ann, Vaasa: I have learned a lot about city planning and re- lated topics during these 3 ABC years and every single seminar has been a.

The Baltic Sea Region: A Global Digital Test Hub - Baltic ...

Title: The Baltic Sea Region: A Global Digital Test Hub: Test and ... rum (BDF) and Danish Business Authority ... and dark fiber) – combined with a unique.

towards a meshed offshore grid in the Baltic Sea ... - Baltic InteGrid

Kate Miller, Michael Holton, Julia Sandén,. Richard Weinhold, Ida Bergmann,. Kanerva Sunila, Pia Isojärvi, Ari Ekroos,. Albert Hoffrichter, Thorsten Beckers,.

Town Twinning - The Baltic Sea - Union of the Baltic Cities

28 Mar 2014 ... has 4 friendship cities: Iisalmi (SF), Harju County (EE), Liepāja (LV) and Eutin (DE). Over the ... [email protected] MORE. Twenty Years ...

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3 Mar 2012 ... experiences with a local twist. ContaCt: 26 May ... Yyteri Beach Futis (Beach Football). Sports and Party Festival. ContaCt: ...

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REPORT ON THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE «HORIZONS BEYOND BORDERS. TRADITIONS AND ... to 1934,4 delivering his hortatory rector's address, «The Self-Assertion of the German ... [The radioactive fallout] cannot simply be ...

Horizon 4 page

Weck® is a registered trademark and Horizon™ and Microclip™are trademarks of Teleflex Incorporated. ... applier jaw, practically eliminating clip fallout.

Beyond the Horizon - OAPEN

potential to stand for something else as soon as they become a part of intentional ... bush, naked except for the obviously bush items of their traditional dress. ... This traveling island of warriors is analogous to the Samoan myth of Lautala.

Senegal - Horizon IRD

Hyperia latissinia Bovalius. H. schizogeneios Stebbing. Ganimarus sp. DECAPODA. Lucifer sp. PROTOCHORDATA. Oikopleura dioica Fol. O. loiigicauda Vogt.

The ocean revealed - Horizon IRD

The proliferation of toxic algae is another problem connected to warming waters (cf. VI.11). These algae produce toxins which can affect many marine organisms ...


The Horizon clip cartridge can provide incredibly easy and precise loading that can enhance ... of clip and applier jaw, practically eliminating clip fallout. Page 4 ...

Afrodescendientes en las Americas - Horizon IRD

Pasan de 900 yndios tributarios, gente mui valinte y enemiga de los yndios bravos Que los ... Avrâ oy mas de 600 fugitiuos, que si salieran todos se podian ...

ISAG 99-Gottingen - Horizon IRD

nicol prism is suggested for grain-size classification and point counting. Six grain-size classes ... batholiths, like Tusaquillas, Abra Laite and Aguilar. A geological ...

beyond the horizon - Rolls-Royce

6 Sep 2016 ... here in Rauma over 50 years ago, these products have ... our Fellows, University Technology Centres ... equipment and the odd false alarm.

HORIZON Manual -

This is the main game screen and displays the Galaxy Map with buttons at the top and ... other races, view reports, declare wars and most importantly conduct ... These settings pertain to how the Galaxy will be populated (Quantity of stars,.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - GovInfo

At about 4:00 p.m., Harrell began his escorted tour of the Deepwater Horizon for ... generated intense opposition to offshore oil in California, but the fallout also ...

Arboviruses pathogenic for man in Brazil - Horizon IRD

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deepwater horizon: where did the oil go? - Mississippi-Alabama Sea ...

During the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill, approximately 200 million gallons of oil flowed from the ... (called biodegradation) or the sun.4,5 The study also did not calculate the amount of ... Fallout plume of submerged oil from Deepwater ...

Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones

Louis Vuitton Horizon, disponible en la página web ... Connect the equipment to an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver.

Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 beneficiaries

Gothenburg. ThunderMaps AB THUNDHUB. ThunderMaps HomeHub. 2015-03. Innovative mobile e-government applications by SMEs.

Sociétés paysannes, transitions agraires et ... - Horizon IRD

TaiDe et constitution des meules. Les charbonniers de ... tement le sol, il peut être intéressant de la compléter par du milou du sorgho, semé en bordure de ...

Rainmakers and the problematics of power in Fali ... - Horizon IRD

Mountains, where the Chadic-speaking Fali have rainmakers but not rain-chiefs, and that if we conflate these concepts we obscure matters of great interest.

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101775 TRAPICHE. EXTRAVAGANZA. 12. 750ML. $11.45 bottle. 101777 TRAPICHE VARIETAL. PINOT NOIR. 12. 750ML. $6.40 bottle. 101778 TRAPICHE ...

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - USC Marshall - University of ...

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill began leaking thousands of gallons of oil per day at approximately 9:56 ... 17 were treated for related injuries, and 4 were able to save themselves. ... Due to the ongoing fallout of the worst oil drilling disaster in.

Recovering after childbirth in the Mixtec highlands ... - Horizon IRD

The. Mixtecs place a high importance on such care. A number of authors have dealt with pregnancy and birth among. Mexican Indians, either in monographs or in ...